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Conservation Links

New Zealand Waxeye

Species Conservation Links

If you know of any conservation sites or resources you think may be worthwhile please send us the link.

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  • Chatham Island Taiko Trust
    To achieve a self-sustaining population of Taiko. Site includes biology of the Taiko and outlines the efforts made to protect and assist the species.
  • Kakapo Recovery Programme
    Looking after the last 86 kakapo in the world by managing the birds in the wild, researching new ideas that might help ensure a future for the kakapo and developing new technology.
  • Kokako Recovery Programme
    Information about the Kokako Recovery Programme
  • Kiwi Recovery Programme
    Mission: to enable Kiwi, New Zealand 's national icon, to once again flourish in its natural habitat for generations to come.
  • New Zealand Brown Teal Online
    Provides information about the critically endangered Brown Teal, what is being done to help conserve and manage it, and who is involved.
  • Project Jonah
    Aims to prevent the commercial slaughter of all marine mammals and the extinction of threatened species, change international, government and public attitudes regarding the commercial and military use of whales and dolphins and to encourage and conduct live observational research into free living whales and dolphins. In addition Project Jonah is involved in whale rescue activities in association with the Department of Conservation.
  • Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust
    Devoted to research, conservation and rehabilitation of New Zealand's birds of prey.
  • Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust
    Working towards an increase in the number of yellow-eyed penguins on a self-sustaining basis within their natural coastal ecosystem.


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